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Guide To Terrific Testimonials, Free

No-nonsense, and totally FREE, guide to testimonials for businesses who sell 1-1 services, courses programmes and memberships.


* 5 Reasons you need testimonials

* But also why you should never ask for a 'testimonial'

* The questions to ask instead 

* How to maximise the chance of getting your questions answered successfully

* How to use testimonials to make more sales

Conversion Crushers - Fix your sales funnel in under an hour - Free

The 5 most common conversion-crushing mistakes I find when clients ask me to investigate unsuccessful website copy or sales funnels (they pay me £££s to do this, and it feels like cheating because the problem is almost always one of these 5 things).

This course could save you hours in wasted marketing efforts, and £££ in lost sales, or wasted ad spend.

This is for you if:
* Your business is based on selling your skills, knowledge and expertise....

* As 1-1 services, packages, programmes or courses

* And you want to make sure you're doing all you can to turn website visitors into paying clients.

Ultimate Website Content Planner, £27

Step-by-step guide and templates to help small business owners write website copy that converts.

This is for you if you sell your expertise as 1-1 services, courses, programmes, memberships, digital products or any combination of these things + you’re at your best when working with pen and paper

Explain Yourself - £27

The Explain Yourself Mini Course

A 4-step process to create a single sentence that:
Explains who you are and what you do 


 Enables you to adapt that sentence to your audience and situation. 

Write Your Website, £395

Workbooks, video tutorials and step-by-step instructions to help you write the key pages for your website: Home, About, Sales, and Shop/Services

Hands-on feedback and copy-editing suggestions from professional copywriters and drop-in calls, available every week for 6 weeks.

Next round starts February 2022

Sales Page Template, Free


Perfect for selling expertise or information-based offers like programmes, courses or memberships.

You’ve done the research, you’ve created the thing, and now you need to start telling people about it.

Sales pages are scary dudes to tackle anyway, but if all you’ve got is a fresh white screen and a quiet desperation to sell your stuff, the task becomes even more terrifying.

Writing anything is easier if you start with an outline.

This is the template for sales pages I use when writing for my copywriting clients - sales pages that have generated tens of thousands of pounds, sometimes in just a few days.

It’s based on 7+ years of writing sales pages and £1000s worth of training courses.

Get it while it’s free.

NEW: Irresistible Offers, £197

Are you planning a website re-write, product launch or marketing push, but aren't 100% certain that what you're offering is compelling enough?

A successful website, launch or ad campaign starts with an irresistible offer - makes sense, right?

The Irresistible Offers course will teach you how to tweak, edit or even replace your offers, until you've got an All Star line-up of deliciously irresistible offers, you're eager to sell, and your audience can't wait to buy.

Say What When, £247

A simple guide to marketing messaging for people who sell their expertise as 1-1 services, courses, masterminds, programmes or memberships.

Find out how to use your online content to prime people to buy from you >> 

Persuasion Power-Ups


A self-study course for people who sell their expertise as 1-1 services, packages, programmes, courses and memberships

One To Another Mentoring Programme

3-months guidance and feedback from Laura + lifetime access to all current courses

📱1 x 20-minute onboarding planning chat via Voxer

📝 Copy Feedback from Me - Access for 3 months

🗨️ 2 x Days of Voxer Office Hours per month, for 3 months (8am-6pm London time)

🆘 1 x SOS opportunity per month, for 3 months

💎 Big Huge Bonus... Lifetime access to all my current courses

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