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Booked In Blocks

Create a steady flow of 1-1 clients so you’re working when you want, with who you want, on what you want, for how much money you want.

Do this when you’re worried about when you’re next client is going to show up, and/or you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to everything even though the client/project/timing doesn’t suit you.


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Explain Yourself

A 4-step process to create a single sentence that explains who you are and what you do and enables you to adapt that sentence to your audience and situation. 

First Date Offer

How I created a bite-sized 1-1 experience that leads to lucrative long-term leads (and how you can do the same)

Irresistible Offers

Make your offers an easier 'yes'.

This simple framework helps you create offers or update existing ones, so that you're eager to sell them, and your audience are eager to buy.

Marketing Mentoring Programme

3-months guidance and feedback from Laura + lifetime access to all current courses

Marketing Gameplan - Feel like you've got your shizzle together

For people who want to be more organised than totally winging it, but don't want to be tied to a meticulous plan.

Persuasion Power-Ups

Stop replicating sales tactics that you see other people use, and that make you feel gross, and start developing your own unique, more effective persuasion style instead.

Prepare For Launch

8 years of online launch wisdom squished into the mini-course to help you release your offer into the world in a way that works for you, your audience and your business.

Sales Page Palooza

A 3-week group programme version of my Smooth Sale-ing course.

27th Feb - 17th March 2023

Get involved so you can get your next sales page written with my help, support and feedback.

Sales Sleuth

Let’s find out why your rather fabulous offer isn’t getting the sales it deserves

Say What When

A simple guide to marketing messaging for people who sell their expertise as 1-1 services, courses, masterminds, programmes or memberships.


Reflect your stellar personality in your online marketing content and website copy, so people fall in love with you and are more eager to buy your stuff.

Smooth Sale-ing

My 60-minute process to help you write a sales page for your 1-1 service, course, group programme, membership or mastermind.

Ultimate Website Content Planner

Step-by-step guide and templates to help small business owners write website copy that converts.

This is for you if you sell your expertise as 1-1 services, courses, programmes, memberships, digital products or any combination of these things + you’re at your best when working with pen and paper

The Comfy Business Playbook

This is an autobiographical instruction journal for the heroes running their own businesses while dealing with a heap of Life Stuff.

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