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Marketing Gameplan - Feel like you've got your shizzle together

Get your marketing shizzle together so you can spend less time faffing, prevaricating and worrying, and more time executing the actions that’ll grow your business, audience and income.

❌ This is not for you if you like SMART goals, detailed project plans and rigorous analysis of data.

✔️ This is for you if you’ve mostly been winging it, and it kinda goes OK, but every now and then you freak out because you feel like you should have a plan written down somewhere, and you’d like to feel a bit more in control and as if you’ve got your shit together, and ideally you could see that shit all in one place, and use that reference point to spur you on to actually do your marketing in a fairly consistent way.

This course will help you untangle your head jumble, make some important decisions, stick to them for a pre-specified length of time, monitor the results, and respond….so yes, it is a marketing strategy but without the mumbo jumbo clever words.

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